"12:45 A.M.: My Twitter feed right now consists entirely of dispatches from otherwise sensible friends who have come all the way to Austin to attend heavily hyped “secret gigs” by aging A-listers who are shamelessly utilizing SXSW as their own personal bottle of Grecian Formula. Look—I love Prince. I like Justin Timberlake. I tolerate Billy Corgan. But at this moment, in this place, these people are parasites and I refuse to enable them. They are draining audience members and media attention away from thousands of artists here who desperately need both. I find many aspects of SXSW absurd, but I want it to thrive, and the ever-increasing presence of established superstars is a serious threat to its biodiversity. End of sermon."

The legendary @Discographies vents as part of said person’s SXSW coverage.